TS designs

group shot for james.

This was shot for James a couple of weeks ago. Nathan, Sara, Kirbi and I worked in a Group together for this...


Business Magazine.

This was an assignment (reshoot) for Chuck. I decided to shoot this particular project over because my last shot wasn't verticle. I thought Katie fit the part well for a librarian. I used my 20 D, a lens baby and available light.



Yesterday James took the commercial class to Kreber to shoot an assignment. Our group had a layout of a living room. This is one of the shots.

business portrait

Tom Sineath, founder of T.S. Designs poses for a business portrait last saturday. I shot this on my 20 D with a off camera flash. Settings were ISO 100 f/ 11 at 1/200.



James gave us a scavenger hunt to do in class. There were 29 different situations and as a group (Jean, Johanna, Jean and I) we had to split up the shots and shoot them. They were shot in various places around RCC. I shot these with my 20D at different settings.



I shot these for John's MP1, over the weekend. I used my 20 D at different settings for each shot. These were all taking inside with window light.


Natty Greene's

I've been working with Kevan and Doug on our group project. These are three shots I did at Natty Greene's in Greensboro. I used window light and reflectors and my 20 d.